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Site services and activities.


All the services and activities described below are included in a rental.

Sauna and Spa


Both summer and winter, and day and night, the outside whirlpool and sauna will always be there to ensure your relaxation.

Summer sports

Numerous pathways in the Ouareau National Park offer unforgettable hikes. Do you prefer to discover Nature along a river?

Our canoes and paddleboats are available for you with all the protective equipment necessary for a safe ride.

Beach and picnic areas

The site is at the confluence of two rivers; you will discover a beach where bathing and water sports will captivate the entire family.

Several picnic areas as well as children’s rides are available at the resort.

Winter sport.

Trails  covered with snow offer marvelous landscapes. The outside spa will awaken new sensations in the -20⁰ C [-4⁰ F] average outdoor temperature.

You will have access to well-maintained snowshoeing and cross-country ski trails, and all equipment is available for you to fully enjoy the joys of winter in Quebec.

Child care

You can enjoy intimacy during your family vacation thanks to our childcare facilities. Enjoy a day or evening of adult activities.

 Breakfast option.

Choose the option that best suits you !


Groceries ready when you arrive.

Send us a shopping list of what products you want and you will only have to add $15 CA [$14 US] to the bill and your groceries will be waiting in the refrigerator when you arrive.

Cross-country skiing/showshoes.
You will have access to 120 km [75 miles] of well-maintained trails for snowshoing and cross-country skiing. All equipment will be provided for you to fully enjoy the Quebec winter.
Camera sports.

We offer you the option to film your vacation with a small, watertight sport camera. We will produce all your souvenir footage in video format.

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