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You will find several types of accommodation on the estate, ranging from tents for the bravest to comfortable chalets for a relaxing stay.

Snowy Owl (10).jpg
Snowy Owl Chalet

Small chalet on the edge of the river, it is ideal for a couple with two children.

Isolated from other chalets, it will bring you the privacy and pleasure of nature that you are looking for, while providing the necessary comfort (kitchen and bathroom) for a pleasant stay. With private spa.

Caribou Chalet
Caribou Chalet

Authentic log cabin, which can accommodate up to 10 people and has all the services it will charm you with its fireplace on winter evenings.

Come and discover it with family or friends...

With private spa.

Privatization of the domain

You have the possibility of privatizing the area for a wedding, yoga retreat, to shoot a film or simply for a family party.

In summer, it is possible to sleep 14 people in a chalet, 2 people with the suspended tent and the addition of additional tents on the estate.

In winter a maximum of 14 people is possible.

For any reservation of the domain contact us directly for a quote.

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